Don’t miss this month’s New Phytologist!


What are evolutionary radiations, what can trigger them, where do we find them, and how can we test for them using molecular (DNA) sequence data and fossils?

This month the journal New Phytologist published a special issue on ‘evolutionary plant radiations’ – and I contributed to three of the papers in this issue: one on classifying the correlates of evolutionary radiations (“On the complexity of triggering evolutionary radiations” by Yanis Bouchenak-Khelladi, Renske E. Onstein, Yaowu Xing, Orlando Schwery and H. Peter Linder), one on radiations in mountain habitats and the interaction with sclerophyllous leaves (“As old as the mountains: the radiations of the Ericaceae” by Orlando Schwery, Renske E. Onstein, Yanis Bouchenak-Khelladi, Yaowu Xing, Richard J. Carter and Hans Peter Linder) and one on diversification of the enigmatic orchid genus Ophrys (“Multiple shifts to different pollinators fuelled rapid diversification in sexually deceptive Ophrys orchids” by Hendrik Breitkopf, Renske E. Onstein, Donata Cafasso, Philipp M. Schlüter and Salvatore Cozzolino). And the best is: I took the cover picture, which shows Erica verticillata in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town – Table Mountain can be seen in the background.






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