Fieldwork Borneo: the movie


The research team (left to right, top to bottom): Jeisin Jumian, Renske Onstein, Hervé Sauquet, Thomas Couvreur, Postar Miun, Joel Dawat, Tawadong Tangah, Aloysius Laim

To study and collect fruits, flowers and leaves of Magnoliales species, Hervé Sauquet, Thomas Couvreur, and I traveled to Sabah, Borneo. We just came back from a very successful trip in which we were amazed by the diversity of Magnoliales in the (mainly lowland) rainforests, and in particular the diversity of flowers and fruits of species belonging to the Annonaceae and Myristicaceae families. These collections wouldn’t have been possible without the help and expertise of our local team from the Forest Research Center (Sabah Forestry Department) in Sepilok.

For a short (informative and entertaining) summary of this trip, watch the video I made.


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