10 things I hate about being a scientist (but I love it)

10 things I hate about being a scientist:

– I hate those days when I realise that what I do is most likely totally useless and will probably never lead to the greater purpose I have in mind for my research;

– I hate the struggle to find the right words (to explain what I do, for example) because jargon is flying through my mind (and watching over my shoulder, correcting me);

– I hate it that some scientists think they are better than others, because they have the ability to make other people cry;

– I hate it that I cannot have a conversation about anything else than science or career anymore. I do not even enjoy talking about anything else anymore, sometimes… ;

– I hate it that my income is very low relative to my non-scientist friends. I’m joking – I do not actually mind that 🙂 ;

– I hate the still existing gender bias in academia;

– I hate meeting great people but then they leave again;

– I hate (and enjoy at the same time) not to know where I will be in a year from now;

– I hate negative reviews because they make me feel even more insecure about my research and where I am trying to get with my life (and career);

– I hate it when coming home after a long day of work and I fall asleep immediately. Where has my life gone?

After all this has been said, I still do not want to do anything else than science, because those short moments I do feel happy about my results and their impact are very rewarding. And if I compare doing science to any other purpose in life, this is probably one with the least egocentric element in it. And who knows – maybe one day I will make the difference and save our planet from extinction….


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